Låseklips 3/8 - John Guest

Låseklips 3/8"

John Guest


Låseklips for 3/8" hurtigkobling. Slanger og koblinger. Her finner du tilbehør til bryggeutstyret ditt.

20+på lager
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Låseklips for 3/8" hurtigkobling


Generell produktinformasjon fra produsenten:

Working Pressure and Temperature Range

Super Speedfit fittings are suitable for the following pressures and temperatures.


Air 5/32" – 5/16"
4mm – 8mm
 3/8"- 1/2"
10mm – 22mm
-20°C 16 Bar

 10 Bar

Potable Liquids and Air  
   +1°C 16 Bar 10 Bar
 +20°C 16 Bar 10 Bar
 +65°C 10 Bar  7 Bar


Tube Tolerances

Super Speedfit fittings are offered for tubes with outside diameters to the following tolerances.

Size (inches)

 5/32" – 3/16"

 1/4" – 1/2"

Tolerance (inches)

+0.001 / -0.003

+0.001 / -0.004

Size (mm)

4mm – 5mm

 6mm – 22mm

Tolerance (mm)

+0.05 / -0.07

+0.05 / -0.10


Maximum Torque Values for Plastic Threads BSP, BSPT & NPT.

Plastic threads are not generally as strong as brass threads. Customers and end users should be aware of this when choosing products for their applications. Over-tightening of plastic threads will cause undue stress and eventual cracking and leakage. The maximum torque figures for BSP and BSPT threads used in John Guest fittings in mating threads conforming to the relevant BS or International thread standards.

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