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Thermowell 1/2" x 100 mm

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1/2" Thread Weldless Thermowell (takes any probe up to 7mm ID)

This thermowell works great with any kegmenter, keggle, brew pot, boiler and various other brewery hardware.

To get an accurate core temperature of your vessles you can't beat a thermowell.

This thermowell has a 7mm bore so it's ideally suited to any probe type up to 7mm.  Most probes are 6.5mm or smaller in diameter meaning they will fit nicely into this well.

This is a weld free design so all you need to do is drill a 20mm hole and file this out a fraction and this will go right into the hole with no welding required.  The threads have been designed to be sanitary so you just screw it against your vessel wall and none of the threads will be exposed to liquid.  The soft silicon seals will seal against curved surfaces of your pots and other vessels.

If you want to make a really smooth hole easily in your vessel walls we recommend the use of our step drill bit and 20mm hole punch.

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